We help people and improve neighborhoods by embracing integrity over profits. H&R Acquisitions finds and buys incredible real estate properties with the sole purpose of providing the best possible return on investment. We buy them for you and buy them from you. We also offer joint venture opportunities to buy properties alongside H&R Where we guide you through the process and make a great investment together.




Justin works along side Tim Herriage to acquire real estate investment properties for H&R Acquisitions. He is also your go-to guy for anything you need at 2020 REI Group. Utilizing a concierge approach, he is available to help implement a solution for virtually any challenge that a real estate investor might encounter. His passion for real estate investing has impacted the success of numerous successful transactions.

Prior to his total immersion in real estate, Justin had a diverse background ranging from military to law enforcement to entrepreneurship. Outside of making investment deals, he enjoys time hanging out with his family, mountain biking, adventure races, and playing hockey.



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